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Making the Unseen

Intuitive insights into your health and well-being

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Hi There!

I'm Julie! Nice to Meet You!

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I'm a psychic medium, though my expertise lies in medical intuition, animal communication, and connecting with animals in spirit.

I serve as a bridge between our world and the unseen realms to bring you the messages that you need to hear to help you progress on your healing journey.

What I can do for you...

My Dear Curious Soul, as an Intolight© Certified Medical Intuitive, I can help you understand the energetic root causes of your various health concerns and provide personalized insights into your & your animals' well-being.

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Medical Intuition

Unlock the secrets of your well-being with a personalized medical intuition reading.

Through intuitive insights and energetic guidance, I'll help you uncover the underlying factors influencing your health and empower you to make informed decisions on your healing journey.


Gain clarity, find solutions, and embrace holistic wellness like never before.

A bird, dog, and cat silhouette with various glowing chakra points.

Animal Intuition

Experience the transformative power of medical intuition tailored specifically for your beloved companion animals.


Through intuitive insights and energetic connections, I'll uncover their unique needs, address the energetics of underlying health concerns or behavioral issues, and strengthen your bond for a harmonious and joyful relationship.

An outline of a glowing cat with golden sparkles to illustrate a spirit animal

Animals in Spirit

Losing a cherished pet or companion animal can leave a void that seems impossible to fill. You might be surprised to learn that they are still around us, just in a different form. 

In this session I will tune into the energy of the animal in spirit to deliver any messages they may have for you.

Animal Communication Reading

"Working with Julie was a wonderful experience, She was so insightful and provided clear messages from our girl Amara, who is now very happy to have been heard. Julie was kind in communicating with our pup, and the information she shared with us was easily validated and even showed Amara's silliness. I highly recommend working with her and Amara gives the experience 5 barks (stars)."

 ~Elise P.

Taken 1 year ago by _hofer teresa, daughter from my colleague in the Zillertaler Alps, Not

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