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Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

Dancing Selkie Insights

Medical Intuition &
Animal Communication

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At the Heart of it All...

I'm Julie! I'm a medical intuitive and animal communicator.

I'm your ally in deciphering the messages your body, higher self, or companion animals want to convey. Through my intuitive gifts, I can provide clarity on your healing journey, or bring a deeper understanding between you and your beloved creatures.

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Unlock the Power of Medical Intuition and Animal Communication

Are you seeking insights into your health and well-being?

Do you wish to forge a deeper connection with your animal companions?


Choose your own adventure and select a button below to learn more about each option & book a session.

"Working with Julie was a wonderful experience, She was so insightful and provided clear messages from our girl Amara, who is now very happy to have been heard. Julie was kind in communicating with our pup, and the information she shared with us was easily validated and even showed Amara's silliness. I highly recommend working with her and Amara gives the experience 5 barks (stars)."

Animal Communication Reading

 ~Elise P.

Resources for the Curious Soul

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