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Hi! I'm Julie!

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Special Origin Story!

I'd love to be able to regale you with some amazing story that showcases my gifts and experience. However, I've spent so much of my life catering to other people's visions for me and dealing with the inevitable related trauma that I became disconnected from my true self. Having experienced personal challenges and transformations, I bring a deep sense of compassion, understanding, and empathy to my work. I am dedicated to helping you and your animals in a supportive and nurturing environment.

While my official intuitive journey began in 2022, I have carried these innate gifts throughout my entire life. When I finally chose to believe in myself and started nurturing the things that I cared about and enjoyed, my life has changed (a lot). In less than a year, I started studying mediumship with Danielle Searancke of Squamish Medium. During my work with Danielle, I discovered that I had an aptitude for medical intuition and animal communication.


Danielle put me in touch with Stacee Magee of Spirit Fluent fame, who just happened to be launching a new certification course for budding medical intuitives. Since then, I have earned my Medical Intolight© certification, ensuring that you are working with a highly trained professional in the field of medical intuition. In order to develop my animal communication skills further, I mentored with Raechelle Embrey of Radiant Vibes.

Now that I am embracing who I'm truly meant to be, I am here, ready to apply my unique gifts and talents. I have a lifetime of experiences to draw from, and my love of animals has never wavered. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, addressing your unique needs and fostering a deeper connection with your beloved creatures or yourself.


What Intrigues You Most?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection? I offer two insightful paths, each designed to empower you in unique ways. What resonates with you the most?

Insights for Holistic Wellness

Seeking answers about your health and well-being? Medical intuition readings can help you navigate your healing journey. I use my intuitive abilities to provide insights as you work toward mind, body, and energetic integration.

Deepen Bonds with Your Companion Animals

Looking for a deeper connection with your companion creatures? Animal communication readings open the door to heart-to-heart conversations, so you can discover what your animal friends have to share and foster a more profound understanding between you.

"Working with Julie was a wonderful experience, She was so insightful and provided clear messages from our girl Amara, who is now very happy to have been heard. Julie was kind in communicating with our pup, and the information she shared with us was easily validated and even showed Amara's silliness. I highly recommend working with her and Amara gives the experience 5 barks (stars)."

Animal Communication Reading

 ~Elise P.

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