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What is Medical Intuition?

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Medical intuition is the process of using expanded perception to gain information and insight into another being's physical and energetic systems.

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Medical intuition sounds more complicated than it is.

In general it's a way of communicating with your body and higher self. When I practice, I get the information in terms of inner knowing (claircognizance), seeing images through my third eye (clairvoyance), feelings in my body (clairsentience), and hearing messages internally (clairaudience). When working with animals, I sometimes taste and smell what they can (clairgustance & clairalience).

Who can be a medical intuitive?

Everyone has access to their intuition, however, it does take time and effort to cultivate, and some people are more open than others. You do have to *want* to access your gifts in order to use them.

Most people who become psychics, mediums, or intuitives are usually more open than the average person and understand that they are different from a very young age. Although not all of them choose to expand those gifts, and some don't take that path until much later in life.

How does medical intuition work?

It's basically energy talking to energy. The whole Universe is made of energy, and if you want a brain teaser, you can look into quantum entanglement. But the theory goes that as long as I know whose energy I want to connect with, I can do that from anywhere in the Universe, in person, or over the internet.

What about the Energy and Medical Intolight© Certification?

In order to become the best medical intuitive I can be, I am participating in the rigorous training of the Energy and Medical Intolight© Certification. The course itself, designed by Stacee Magee of Spirit Fluent, is 25 weeks long and covers everything from ethics to energy scans to the science behind energy healing and medical intuition and how energy works within the body's systems. Along with the corresponding course work, we are required to have 60+ of practicum hours before we can be certified. If you're interested in learning more about the course, you can check out Stacee's website here.

Think you might want to try this out?

While I'm working on my certification hours, my medical intuitive readings are currently free. ^_^

You can dip your toe in the water, so to speak, and see what information I might uncover for you!

Book here if it sounds like a medical intuitive reading is for you!

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