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Golden Dust

Beyond the Veil:
Divine Connections

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Whether you seek closure, comfort, or guidance, my intuitive sessions provide a nurturing space for healing, insight, and transformation.


Explore the wisdom of the spirit world and unlock meaningful insights as you connect with the unseen energies that surround and support you.


You can book a reading through my Calendly system below. If there aren't any times that work for you, please reach out, and I can see if I can accommodate you.

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Approximately 30 minutes

This a unique opportunity discover what the energic realm wishes to communicate to you.  The wisdom revealed in the session can be mysterious yet impactful.

If you are open to messages from the universe, then cosmic connections can illuminate your path and help guide you towards insights and opportunities.

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Animal Connections

Two Animals

Looking for a deeper connection with your companion creatures?

Our animal companions have emotions and insights that can deeply impact our connection with them.

Animal communication readings open the door to heart-to-heart conversations, so you can discover what your animal friends have to share.

Through this unique experience, you can foster a deeper understanding of your pets' needs, desires, and thoughts, strengthening your relationship and ensuring their well-being.

Cosmic Connections

Who: You and me, in a personalized one-on-one session.


What: During our session, I will tune into the energy of the spirit realm and convey any messages or insights that come through for you.

When: Use the book now button to select a date and time that suits your schedule.


Where: Our sessions take place via Zoom, ensuring a comfortable and private environment for our video call.

Why: Whether you have specific questions or simply wish to open yourself to whatever messages come through, this session provides the opportunity to receive insights that may offer comfort, guidance, validation, or inspiration, guiding you on your journey or illuminating the path ahead.

Please Note: To respect your privacy and the energetic connection we establish, I ask that you book sessions solely for yourself, not on behalf of others.

Additionally, to ensure a distraction-free experience, please choose a quiet and comfortable space for our session, away from other individuals and potential interruptions.

If you're ready to explore the wisdom of the spirit realm and receive messages that resonate with your soul, book a session today! 

Embrace the opportunity to connect with the unseen forces that surround and support you, and unlock the insights that await.

$88 USD  | Cosmic Connections:  30 Minutes

Medical Intuition Reading

"Julie is amazing!  She immediately explained her process, asked for permission to connect with my energy (which I loved), and made me feel very safe and at ease.  Right away she picked up on issues I’ve long dealt with, with absolutely no prior information about me. ... now I know how to move forward. ... I am abundantly grateful for the opportunity to have been read by her and I can’t say enough good things.  She has such a healing aura and it is clear that spirit works through her to deliver messages to support and guide your healing."

~ Michaela S.

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