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What secrets can I help you discover?

Animal Communication

I can serve as a bridge between you and your animal companions. With my unique abilities, I can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your pets' thoughts, emotions, and needs. This communication strengthens your bond so you can provide the loving care your furry friends deserve.

You can book a reading through my Calendly system below. If there aren't any times that work for you, please reach out, and I can see if I can accommodate you.

Animal Connection

One-on-One Session

Are you looking to forge a deeper connection with your pet or companion animal? Is their behavior baffling, or do you simply want to ensure their overall well-being? If these questions resonate with you, an animal communication reading might hold the answers.

What: In this transformative session, I'll connect with the energy of your cherished pet or animal companion. If you don't have specific questions in mind, I'll reach out to your furry friend to convey the most important messages they wish to share with you at the time of the reading.

Pet Presence: While your animal doesn't need to be physically present during the reading, I do require a recent picture of them to establish a connection.

However, if you'd like your animal to join you during the session, they're more than welcome to be present; they do not need to stay still or be in view of the camera the entire time.


Duration: Animal Connection readings typically span approximately 30 minutes delivered via Zoom.

Why Animal Communication Matters: Our animal companions have emotions, and insights that can profoundly impact our connection with them. Through this unique experience, you can foster a deeper understanding of your pet's needs, desires, and thoughts, enriching your relationship and ensuring their well-being.

Ready to embark on a journey of discovery and connection with your animal companion? Click below to book your animal communication session and take the first step toward strengthening your bond.

$66 USD | Animal Connection Reading : One Animal

Approximately 30 minutes.

$111 USD | Animal Connection Reading : Two Animals

Approximately 60 minutes.

Girl with Dogs
"Working with Julie was a wonderful experience, She was so insightful and provided clear messages from our girl Amara, who is now very happy to have been heard. Julie was kind in communicating with our pup, and the information she shared with us was easily validated and even showed Amara's silliness. I highly recommend working with her and Amara gives the experience 5 barks (stars)."

Animal Communication Reading

 ~Elise P.

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